EPTA – European Piano Teachers Association

The Parent Organisation

Charity Registered Number 1094973

Address: 34 Carver Road, London SE24 9LT United Kingdom

Tel/fax: +44(0)20 7274 6821

Email: nadia0015@hotmail.com

Website: www.epta-europe.org


Carola Grindea

Honorary European President:

Dominique Merlet

Honorary Vice Presidents:

Paul Badura Skoda, Peter Feuchtwanger, Alberto Portugheis, Fanny Waterman DBE, Malcolm Troup


Einar Sten-Nokleberg (President EPTA Norway)

  2. All Presidents of EPTA National Associations


Chairman: Murray McLachlan

Secretary: Nadia Lasserson

Treasurer: Bruce Burford

Members of Executive Committee: Alan Paul & Susan Bettaney

EPTA – the Parent Organisation is constantly expanding not only in Europe but also throughout the world through its

Affiliations with the most important Piano Teachers Associations:

MTNA – Music Teachers National Association

Piano Teachers National Association of Japan, Founder: Yasuko Fukuda

Japan Piano Teachers Association, President: Prof Masayasu Oshima

Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Associations, Co-ordinator: Prof Ireneus Zuk

Latin American PianoTeachers Association (Argentine, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil), President: Freda Conn, Chile

  1. Hong Kong PianoTeachers Association

New England Piano Teachers Association


EPTA NEW YORK Associates: Prof Salvatore Moltisanti

  1. EPTA INDIA Associates: Founder-Director: Prabhudas Ivanson

EPTA ISRAEL Associates: Prof. Eitan Globerson



President:Takuina Adami

Secretary: Petrika Trako

Address: Jordan Misja High School of Arts, Tirana

Tel: + 355 42 23 743

Fax: + 355 42 51 792

Email: takuina_adami@yahoo.com

EPTA Albania have been celebrating 20 years of activities and we send them our heartfelt congratulations. In 1997 the late Carola Grindea headed the Jury of the 2nd “Young Pianist Festival” and established a prize in her name.

29th May 2014 EPTA Albania promoted new books:

30th May – 1st June 2014 EPTA Albania held its 19th “Young Pianist Festival”. The Jury consisted of Nadia Lasserson, with Massimo Gon and Michal Tal, in the absence of Diane Andersen, Theresa Trevisan and Flavio Zaccaria.

The enormous success of this marathon competition, which saw over 130 entries in two and a half days, is due entirely to the tireless work of Taquina Adami with the aid of her assistant Etleva Turkeshi.

2nd June 2014 Michal Tal gave a Masterclass to Winners from the competition.

The Winners are as follows:

Odessa Meti – also winner of the Carola Grindea Prize

Jonatan Varkuj – also winner of the Chopin Prize

Kostantin Tashko – also winner of the Liszt and Lola Gjoka Prizes

6th, 10th and 12th June 2014 EPTA Albania organised the “National Meeting for Culture” involving over 100 young pianists.

Winners, their teachers and the Jury of EPTA Albania’s 19th Young Pianists Festival.


Honorary presidents: Prof. Sergey Sarajyan, Prof. Armine Grigoryan

President: Anna Hambaryan

Email: hambaryan_anna@mail.ru

Address: Tserents Armenia. Str. 7a, Apt. 8, Yerevan – 0032

Vice President: Zaruhi Mkrtchyan

Administrator: Astghik Bakhshiyan

Email: astghikbakhshiyan@mail.ru

Secretary: Alina Hambaryan

Email: alina_hambaryan@yahoo.com

EPTA ARMENIA’s committee have created a new website.


Honorary President: Prof. Walter Groppenberger

President: Prof. Anton Voigt

Tel: +43 664 73 609 503

Email: a.voigt@bruckneruni.at

Vicepresident: Dagmar Schinnerl

Secretary General: Heidemarie Schneider-Klimpfinger

Email: office@epta-austria.at

Treasurer: Gianfranco Sannicandro

2013 Conference Coordinator: Brigitte Zimmermann

October 24th – 26th 2014 EPTA Austria will hold its 29th Annual Conference at the Anton Bruckner University, Linz.

Miklos Spanyi (Harpsichord, Fortepiano) and Anton Voigt (Fortepiano and Modern Instrument) will give a masterclass on CPE Bach to commemorate his 300th birthday, at Schloss Kremsegg, Upper Austria. The topic will be the Berlin-Vienna connection i.e. CPE Bach's influence on Viennese Classical style.

Please visit http://www.schloss kremsegg.at/schloss/deutsch_schloss/index.htm

EPTA Austria is in the process of renewing its website http://www.epta-austria.at


President: Vadim Yakonyuk

Address: c/o Academy of Music, 220030 00375, Minsk

Tel/Fax: 0172-27-00-13

Email: bsam@open.minsk.by

EPTA BELGIUM – Flanders/Brussels

Honorary Presidents: Louise Hesbain, Roland De Munck

President: Levente Kende

Email: lkende@hotmail.com

Secretaries: Lieve van Puyvelde and Marc Theuns

Address: Mechelsesteenweg 109/6, 2018 Antwerp.

Tel/Fax: +32 3 281 0595)

F: +32 2 380 08 27

Marleen Geerts-Meeusen: wilmaro@pandora.be

EPTA BELGIUM – Wallonie/Bruxelles

President Diane Andersen

Lotsesteenweg186, B -1653 Dworp

Tel: +32 2380 0827

Fax: +32 2 380 08 27

Email: diane.andersen@telenet.be

Secretary: Marie-Dominique GILLES

Email: epta.belgium@telenet.be

Website: www.epta-belgium.be

February 4th – 9th 2014 12th "Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes" was held in the Cultural Centre of GREZ DOICEAU, Belgium in collaboration with the College, Communal Admnistration and the Academy of Music Speech and Drama of Grez Doiceau and also in collaboration with the Academy of Music, Speech and Drama of Wavre. The Jury was headed by Diane Andersen (President EPTA Belgium Wallonie/Bruxelles) with Marcel Baudet (Netherlands), Nadia Lasserson (UK), Boaz Sharon (Boston USA), Tori Stodle, (Tromso,Norway), and the members of the EPTA Belgium Committee: Dominique Cornil, Jacqueline Lecarte, Marie-Dominique Gilles, Francois Thiry (Liege).

The enormous success of this competition is due to the tireless work of Diane Andersen who spends two years organising this marathon which attracted sixty four very young pianists from all over the world, including Australia and Taiwan.

The opening Gala Concert on the 4th of February saw a Gala Concert given by the Winners of the 2012 11th Competition:

A Masterclass given by various members of the Jury took place on Saturday 8th February.

This year’s Winners:

1st Prize Guoda Valackaite (Lithuania), 2nd Joshua Zhi (Australia), 3rd Steven Kleeven (Belgium)

1st Prize Kenneth Tong (Australia), 2nd Rangel Silaev (Netherlands), 3rd Jackie Campbell (UK)

1st Prize Ivan Krpan (Croatia), 2nd Dora Iveckovic (Croatia), 3rd Tom De Beuckelaer (Belgium)

1st prize Simon Passmore (UK), 2nd Emi Ikeyama (Japan), 3rd Ming Wen (China)

Thomas Waelbroeck in his performance of "Le parfum d'une étreinte infinie" by Claude Ledoux (Belgium)

Varvara Bessonova ( Russiea) in "Prélude n°6" de Marcel QUINET

The Finals Concert took place on Sunday 9th February in the presence of Madame Sybille de Coster-Bauchau, Lady Mayoress of Grez Doiceau and the evening was rounded off with a reception was offered by the community of Grez Doiceau.

Since the onset of this competition in 2000 to mark the 20th Anniversary of EPTA Belgium Wallonie/Bruxelles, over nine hundred participants have performed and benefitted from the experience of this excellent competition which also offers candidates accomodation in local families thus making it a true «Rencontres des jeunes»….

Diane Andersen in the centre surrounded by all the performers and jury members

2nd – 7th February 2016 The next 13th Rencontres des jeunes will take place in the cultural centre of Grez Doiceau.


President: Zlatan Mujkic

Address: Secondary Music School L.Kube 1, 75 000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel/Fax: +387 75 222551


  2. President: Milena Mollova,

  3. Address: c/o Hypodruma Bl 1612 Sofia

  4. Tel. +359-2/521197

Email: mmollova@nbu.bg


  1. Hon President: Vladimir Krpan
  2. President: Ida Gamulin
  3. Email: ida.gamulin@huoku.hr>
            1. Vice President: Ivanka Kordić

Website: www.epta-croatia.hr

EPTA CROATIA’s 5th EPTA "Svetislav Stancic" International Piano Competition was held in three rounds from 3th – 9th February 2014 in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb. The Jury, led by Dmitri Bashkirov, consisted of Ida Gamulin, Naum Grubert, Pavica Gvozdic, Eugen Indjic, Johan Schmidt and Dubravka Tomsic-Srebotnjak.

(not awarded)

Tsvetkov Daniil (Russia)

(ex aequo) Petar Klasan (Croatia) – Aljosa Jurinic (Croatia)

Danylo Saienko (Ukraina) – Stipe Bilic (Croatia)

Adela Liculescu (Rumania)

July / August 2014 EPTA Croatia ran EPTA International Masterclasses in Dubrovnik at the Laus Academy with Dmitri Bashkirov / 7th – 12th July, Johan Schmidt, Jun Kanno and Michiko Shoji 2nd – 8th August, Naum Grubert, Ida Gamulin and Vladimir Krpan / 16th – 21th August.


Chairman: Katerina Antoniou

Address: P.O. Box 42278, 6532 Larnaca, Cyprus

Tel: +357-99-624752; +357-24-665266, +358405615877

EPTA Cyprus President, Katerina Antoniou has created a new Organisation “People with Special Needs” which enables talented disabled people to take a place in society through their talent. Three young musicians will be funded to make their first CD’s which will then be in general circulation and young disabled artists will be offered exhibitions. It has a house of arts for disabled people, where free lessons are offered to these artists through a good network of volunteer teachers and therapists and also it is the place where they can go to create and have fun, have psychological support so on and so forth.

In the meantime, EPTA Cyprus hopes to be re-organised in the near future.


Founder and Honorary President: Radoslav Kvapil

Email: ids1@seznam.cz

President: Milan Franek

Email: mfranek8@gmail.com

Tel: 00420728896891

Vice-President: Dr Jitka Fowler Frankova

Address: Schnirchova 25, 70 00 Praha

Email: jitkaff@gmail.com

Tel: 00420 – 775 – 974 – 327

Website: www.epta-cz.com


President: Elsebeth Brodersen

Address: Carit Etlarsvej 4, 2840 Holte

Tel: +45 45-42-29-63

Fax: +45 38-33-52-58

Email: eb@epta.dk

Website: www.epta.dk

July 20th – 26th EPTA Denmark held its 15th International Piano Weekend with concerts and Master Classes for young pianists between the ages of 14 – 26. Professors: Mikhail Voskresensky, Moscow Conservatory, Paolo Giacometti, Düsseldorf Musikhochschule and Eugen Indjic, Schola Cantorum, Paris.

4th – 5th October 2014 EPTA Denmark joins forces with ESTA to run a Chamber Music Masterclass in Copenhagen with the Danish Piano “Trio con Brio”.


President Peep Lassmann

Email: peep@ema.edu.ee

Secretary: Lilian Semper

Address: c/o Tallinn Conservatory, Revala pst 16, Tallinn EE 10143

Tel: +372 667 5700

Fax: +372 670 5800 .

The Journal of the Estonian Piano Teachers Association is published biannually.

Website: www.ema.edu.ee/KK


President: Katariina Nummi-Kuisma

Please note new address and email:

Kelohongantie 8B, 02120 Espoo Helsinki

Tel: +358405615877

Email: katarinanummi@gmail.com

Vice President: Eeva Sarmanto-Neuvonen

Meripuistotie 3A 17, 00200 Helsinki

Tel: +358505266440

Please note new email address for Eeva Sarmanto-Neuvonen:

Email: eeva.sarmanto-neuvonen@uniarts.fi

Secretary: Peter Lönnqvist

Address: Orvokkitie 25, 00900 Helsinki, Finland

Email: peter.lonnqvist@kolumbus.fi

Tel: +358505658503

Committee Members: Junio Kimanen (webmaster), Katariina Liimatainen, Niklas Pokki andTuomas Mali Editor of “Pianisti” which is distributed to all members.

Website: www2.siba.fi/pianopedagogit

8th – 9th February 2014 EPTA Finland held its annual weekend in Helsinki a Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

The program included lectures (the evaluation and feedback for students in exams) demonstrations (Anto Pett: Improvisation), concerts, panel discussion (exam policies in different schools) .The Evening recital was given by Jukka Nykänen who performed his own transcription of Sravinsky's Rite of Spring).

7th – 8th February 2015 EPTA Finland will hold its next Annual weekend in the Music Academy of Tampere.


President: Herve N’Kaoua

Address: 37 Rue Paul Camelle, 33100 Bordeaux

Tel/Fax: 0033 5 5686 9132

Email: herve.nkaoua@free.fr

There are plans to reorganise EPTA France during the course of 2014.


Honorary President: Alexandre Toradze

President: Nino Kutsishvili

Address: Tbilisi Music Academy, c/o Dolidze Str 28, Apt 87, Tbilisi 380015, Georgia

Tel: +995 99 586815

Email: nino1769@yahoo.com


Presidium: Heribert Koch (Langerwehe), Marilia Patricio (Koln), Manja Lippert (Munster), Prof Linde Grossman (Berlin), Andreas Eschen

Secretary: Siegrid Neumann

Address: Koenigswarter Str. 4, D-36039 Fulda

Email: sigrid.naumann@t-online.de

Treasurer: Dr. Rainer Lorenz

Address: Schanzenstr. 24, D-34130, Kassel

Tel: 0049 561 68082

Fax: 0049 561 66778

Email: lorenz@epta-deutschland.de

Website: www.epta–germany.de, www.epta-deutschland.de

30th May – 1st June 2014 Germany held its second Conference on the same theme in the Chapel of the Vonderau Museum in Fulda. Lectures were given by Anton Voigt (Austria) on Openings of musical works, Francesco Mario Possenti (Italy), Heribert Koch (Germany) on Interpretation right from the start and Kenji Kato (Japan) on Aspects of Practising in sport which is relevant to practising music.

The next Conferences will be held in the Steingraeber Piano Manufacturer, Bayreuth, October 2015 and in the Musikhochschule, Munster, May 2016.


Honorary President: Aris Garoufalis

President: Natalia Michailidou

Email: michailidounat@yahoo.gr

Vice Presidents: Dora Bakopoulos & Kalliopi Germanou

Secretary: Sofia Dousia

Treasurer: Kostas Tourkakis,

Public Relations: Stefanos Theodoridis

Member of executive committee: Sara Galanopoulou

EPTA Greece created a new Board in February 2013 with a new team of valuable and willing members. We wish them all every success in their productive ventures and welcome the new President Natalia Michailidou, and wish her many happy years in EPTA Greece. We look forward to meeting her and collaborating with her. Dora Bakopoulos remains on the EPTA Committee as Vice-President and we send her our heartfelt thanks for all her hard work as President over the last few years.

EPTA Greece ended their year of events with a Students’ Concert and are now busy planning their monthly schedule for the next Academic Year.


President Mariann Ábraham

Address: Hollosy S.u. 15, 1126 Budapest

Tel/Fax: +361 3560562

Please note new email address:

Email: abraham.m@lfze.hu

Website: www.parlando.hu


President: Anna Rún Atladóttir

Email: ara@mi.is

Secretary: Eva Þyri Hilmarsdóttir

Email: evathyri@gmail.com

Treasurer: Olof Jonsdottir

Email: olofjon@hi.is

EPTA Iceland: epta@epta.is

Website: www.epta.is

EPTA Iceland continues to be extremely active with its new energetic committee and started its own news journal which is sent out on a bi-monthly basis to members. This announces forthcoming events, competitions, conferences and other material of interest to members.

2nd November 2013 EPTA Iceland held its first Annual Conference. Following the success of this event 4th October 2014 EPTA Iceland will hold its second Annual Conference.

November 2015 EPTA Iceland will hold its Sixth Piano Competition.

September 2016 EPTA Iceland look forward to hosting the 38th European Conference of EPTA Associations in Reykjavik.


Patrons:Frank Heneghan, Philip Martin, John O’Conor, Hugh Tinney

President: Owen Lorigan

Administrator: Eithne Gallagher

Address: 16 Rowanbyrn, Blackrock, Co.Dublin

Tel/ Fax: +353 1 289 3701

New email address: epta.ireland@gmail.com

Website: www.epta.ie


EPTA Ireland has launched a new advisory panel to assist members with specific teaching queries and are delighted to welcome Réamonn Keary and David Mooney as specialist advisors.

EPTA Ireland is pleased to announce that Owen Lorigan has taken up the position of Chairperson.

February 27th – March 1st 2014 3rd EPTA Ireland Piano Festival took place in the National Concert Hall, Dublin.


President: Marcella Crudeli

Secretary: Silvia Rinaldi, Aldo Ciccolini, Lear Maestosi, Carla Giudici

Address: Via Pierfranco Bonetti 90, 00128 Rome

Tel/Fax: +39 06 507 3889

Please note new email:

Email: eptaitaly@gmail.com

Website: www.eptaitaly.it, www.chopinroma.it

15th – 22nd October 2014 The Roma XXIVth International Piano Competition will take place in Rome

Closing date for entries: 22nd September 2014

EPTA Italy organised ten concerts in the Auditorium of the CASC Italina Bank Italy, and also in the Nazareth Institute, Rome.

Marcella Crudeli continues her popular monthly Salon concerts in her home. Concerts for young pianists are being organised in Rome this Summer.

26th May 2014 EPTA Italy held its 14th National Convention on “The Reform of Musical Studies in Italy

from 2000 to the present day”. Teachers and composers came from all over Italy for this. The co-ordinators were Andrea Talmelli, Paolo Troncon, Corrado De Bernarnt, Domenico Picciche, Guido Salvetti, Sergio Calligaris, Maurizio Preda, Stefano Vaccari, David Macculi, Franco Radicchia, Elio Orio, Piero di Egidio, Paolo De Matthacis. The Opening concert was given by Marcella Crudeli, Sergio Calligaris performed one of his works for Piano and Orchestra and the Macle Duo performed two contemporary works.


President: Juris Kalnciems

Secretary: Irena Strause

Address: Dzirnavu Iela 118-4, Riga LV- 1050

Tel: +371 ( 7)-226875

Fax: +371 (7) 820271)

Foreign Affairs Co-ordinator: Tom Ostrovskis

Email: ostrotk0@o2.co.uk


News about activities of EPTA Latvia can be found on the following webpage: http://www.music.lv/epta/events.htm


President: Kestutis Grybauskas

Email: kestutis.grybauskas@gmail.com

Secretary: Mrs Vida Badaitiene

Address: Latvia 7-2, LT 02101 Vilnius

Tel: + 370 52138771, + 370 614 15535


President: Todor Svetiev

Email: svetievtodor@hotmail.com

Vice-President: Juliana Zabeva

Email: jzabeva@yahoo.com

Secretary: Dragoijub Apostolov

Address: c/o Academy of Music, Pitu Guli 1, 91000 Skopje

Tel/Fax: +389 91 231614

November 2014 EPTA Macedonia will hold its Annual Piano Festival for young pianists from primary music schools and the concerts will take place in the Skopje State music school.

Further details: svetievtodor@hotmail.com or jzabeva@yahoo.com.


EPTA Malta is about to restart with a new team and we wish them every success.

Honorary President: Fransina Abela

Acting President: Evelina V. Batey

Email: evelina.batey@hotmail.com

Tel: +356 9980 2226

Secretary: Shirley Psaila

Email: eptamalta@gmail.com

Tel. +356 2142 1112

Website: www.epta-malta.com

FB: Malta Piano Teachers Association EPTA Malta

September 2014 EPTA Malta will hold its first meeting with local teachers.

2018 EPTA Malta will host the EUROPEAN EPTA Conference, the year that Valetta celebrates its year as City of Culture.


President: Ratimir Martinovic

Address: Music School Kotor, 85330, Kotor, Montenegro.

Tel/Fax: +382 82 334 623

Email: ratimirm@yahoo.com

Honorary president: Vladimir Bockariov Dean, Music Academy, Cetinje and Head of piano department

Vice-Presidents: Liliana Radovic, Kotor, Dragica Gregovic, Podgorica

Secretary: Marina Mikic

For details of EPTA Montenegro's activities, please contact the Secretary.


President: David Kuyken

Vice – President: Flor Verhey

Secretary: Hetty Floors

Address: Nepveulaan 39, 3705 LA Zeist

Tel: +31 306957907

Email: hetty.floors@planet.nl

Treasurer: Wim Bovy,

Committee: Coosje de Wit, Christo Lelie, Lisette van de Loo, Marc Pauwela, Tilmar Junius pop/jazz

Marc Pauwels,

Website: www.eptanederland.nl

EPTA Netherlands have recently joined forces with the YPF (Young Pianist Foundation) Piano Festival which takes place at the same time in the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ. Delegates of the EPTA conference attended two of the YPF lectures by Neal Peres da Costa and by Paul Badura-Skoda.

EPTA Netherlands have special Committees for their National conference, International conferences, Research methods for beginners, PR, Workshops, post-graduate studies, and Exams for students (LGS).

12th April, 10th & 24th May 2014 EPTA Netherlands ran its third Sibelius 7 Course.

25th May 2014 EPTA Netherlands organised a Pedagogy Day with Frits Evelein.

5th October 2014 EPTA Netherlands are organising a special day to discuss the National Graduation System and its examinations. The AGM for members will also be held on that day when Coosje de Wit will retire after 25 years devoted to EPTA.

15th November 2014 EPTA Netherlands will run its Annual Conference for one day only. It will be held in new premises in the centre of Holland, it is a renovated army building now made suitable for rehearsals and all types of Conferences.

Website: www.akoesticum.nl

22nd – 25th October 2015 EPTA NETHERLANDS will host the European Conference of EPTA ASSOCIATIONS


A large collection of books, music, LP's, CD's, tapes and many other valuable materials are housed in the Public Library of Amsterdam (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, OBA) near the Central Station of Amsterdam. EPTA members and other music scholars can make use of the Centre, as it was intended, for research and reference.The Centre collaborates with EPTA UK's Information Centre at the Royal College of Music.

All EPTA NETHERLANDS Members receive the Piano Journal as well as the Piano Bulletin.

Editor: Chisto Lelie

Address: Broerhuisstr 44, 2611 GD Delft

Tel/Fax: +31 15 212 6695).


President: Einar Sten-Nøkleberg

Email: einarsn@hotmail.com

Vice President: Elin Persson

Email: elinpers@online.no

Treasurer: Gisela Herb

Email: gisela.herb@uis.no

Tellev Juva

Email: tellef.juva@uia.no

Tori Stødle

Email: tori.stodle@hitos.no

June 26th – 29th 2014 EPTA Norway hosted the 36th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE of EPTA ASSOCIATIONS at the Oslo Music Academy.

The topic was "Folk Music's Influence in Art Music in the Period 1814 – 2014 Trends in Practice and Performing". This was part of the "EUROEPEAN PIANO FESTIVAL of OSLO 2014", which also included the International Competition for Duo-Piano "Grieg á deux". It also celebrated the 100 year celebration of the Norwegian Music Teachers Association. EPTA-Norway is honoured and proud of the fact that colleagues from all continents of the world joined together for this exciting occasion.

We are all extremely grateful to Einar Sten-Nokleberg and Elin Persson for all the hard work they put into making the conference the enormous success that it was.

November 2014 EPTA Norway and the Norwegian Music Teachers’ Association are arranging the annual “Competition for Young Musicians”. After regional rounds, the final will be held in the Norwegian Music Academy, Oslo.

6th – 8th February 2015 EPTA Norway returns to its annual EPTA conference in Kristiansund, connected with the famous Opera festival. Further details to be announced.


President: Pawel Skrzypek

Director of ZPSM im. F.Chopina ul. Bednarska 11, 00-310 Warsaw

Email: dyrektor@bednarska.art.pl and skrzypek@epta.pl

Tel: +48 601 801 331

Website: www.epta-poland.org, www.epta-poland


Honorary members: Fernando Laires, Artur Pizarro and Helena Sá e Costa (deceased).

President: Luis Pipa

Email: pipa@sapo.pt

Address: Caminho do Agro, 47, 4900-012 Afife, Portugal

Tel: +351 258331860

Mobile: +351 934210439


Honorary President: Dragos Tanasescu

President: Constantin Ionescu Vovu

Secretary: Andrei Podlacha

Address: 35 Str Vasile Lascar, 7-211 Bucharest

Tel: +40 1 211 1263

Fax: +40 1 211 3095

Email:cionvovu@yahoo.com .


Honorary President: Viktor Merzjanov

President: Irina Osipova

Leninskiy Prospect (avenue) 64/2 Apt 150, Moscow 119296

Tel/Fax: +7 499 1371526

Email: epta@iospiano.ru

Home: 64@pioc.ru

Website: www.iospiano.ru

EPTA RUSSIA Structure includes:

St. Peterburg – Chairman: Dmitrily Chasovitin

Kurgan (Siberia) – Chairman: Lyudmila Martinova

Tambov – Chairman: Irina Tsareva

Ryazan – Chairman: Svetlana Platonova

Tver – Chairman: Galina Solodova

Sochi – Chairman: Tatyana Agafonova

Petrozavodsk – Chairman: Victor Portnoy

Ufa – Chairman: Rustam Shayhutdinov

Samara – Chairman: Sergey Zagadkin

Chelyabinsk (Ural) – Chairman: Andrey Nechaev

Kazan, Tatarstan is being planned.

EPTA Russia has published the 58th Issue of the Russian Piano Journal (Edited by Irina Osipova).

EPTA Russia is in the process of preparing a new Opus 13 Festival in Denmark. The Theme is "P&P" (Preludes and pieces).


Honorary Presidents: Arbo Valdma & Dusan Trbojevic

President: Dejan Sinadinovic

Email: dejan@sinadin.com

Website: www.sinadin.com

Vice President: Milos Pavlovic

Email: milostpavlovic@gmail.com

Address: EPTA Serbia Faculty of Music and Arts, Kralja Milana 50, Belgrade 11000

Tel: +381 11 362 1170

Fax: +381 112 64 3598

Website: www.epta.rs

13th – 17th March 2014 EPTA Serbia organized the sixth annual "The Spring Piano Feast", in the Kolarac Concert Hall of the Stankovic Music School.

The Spring Piano Feast celebrates the art of playing one of the most popular and universal

instruments – the piano. Every Festival has its own specific theme. 2014 included Filip Mandzukov performed Schubert, Debussy and Rachmaninov, Darije Sebic played some of his own works.

KULT Festival” included music by Prokofiev, Hindemith, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Faure and Chopin.

EPTA Serbia puts considerable emphasis on establishing a bridge between the lower, middle and university level of music education in Serbia. They organize a number of master classes and round table discussions with distinguished professors from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and Serbian schools. This enables members of EPTA Serbia to obtain specific requirements for entrance examinations as well as gaining details of the courses in higher music education. This has received such a terrific response that EPTA Serbia will expand the scheme to include as many more Serbian schools next year.

26th – 28th December 2014, EPTA Serbia will organise the 13th “EPTA Serbia Piano Competition”, which will, hopefully, become International as from next year


President: Dorian Leljak

Email: dorianleljak@gmail.com

Website: www.wpta.info

Address: Academy of Arts, Djure Jaksica 7, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Tel: +381 63 8382988

Website: www.wpta.info/ipc.htm

7th – 17th March 2014 Winners of the 7th International Isidor Bajić Piano Memorial competititon:

Ziming Ren (China)

Evgeny Starodubtsev (Russia)

20th – 30th August 2014 Panopticum Musicum International Summer School was held in the Isidor Bajic Music School (Novi Sad, Serbia)


President: Eva Fischerova

Address: Zilinska 18, 81105 Bratislava

Tel: +421 2 52493751


Honorary president: Dubravka Tomsic Srebotnjak

President: Ana Avbersek

Email: epta.slo@gmail.com

Address: Ljubljanska 16, 3320 Velenje

Vice President: Vladimir Mlinarić

Email: mlinaric.vladimir@gmail.com

Address: c/o Akademija za glasbo, Stari trg 34, 1000 Ljubljana

Tel/Fax: +386 1 425 4857

Secretary: Primož Mavrič

Email: tajnistvo@epta.si

EPTA Slovenia welcomes new members to its Committee and wishes them every success:

Nuša Gregorič (nusagregoric@hotmail.com), Dejan Jakšič (dejan.golf@siol.net), Suzana Zorko (zorko.suzana@gmail.com), Urška Roškar (u_roskar@yahoo.com). Mirjam Strlič still continues with her excellent English translation work for the Journal.

Website: www.epta.si/eng

Facebook: Epta Slovenia

PIANISSIMO The concerts for the season 2013/2014 will be given by winners of the 42nd National Competition "Temsig": Meta Fajdiga, Davorin Mori, Brina Kozlevčar and Urban Stanič.

Co-ordinator: Dejan Jakšič

April 2014 EPTA Slovenia produced the second edition of its own journal. Its purpose is to educate and share experiences of piano teachers. It includes topical articles and other material of interest to members.

EPTA Slovenia are pleased to announce that at their 2013 AGM, they selected Primoz Mavric to benefit from the Carola Grindea Fund. As he could not attend the Oslo Conference, it was decided to award the funding to Ana Avbersek.

24th – 26th October 2014 EPTA SLOVENIA announce the 2nd International Aci Bertoncelj Piano Competition in collaboration with Consortium Musicae Velanensis Association and the Fran Korun Koželjski Music school. It will take place in Velenje.

Application deadline: 30 june 2014

More details on website: http://www.velanensis.si/?lang=en

15th – 17th November 2014 EPTA Slovenia will organize its annual conference in Laško – Radeče. The title of the conference will be “Piano... duo, trio, orchestra...”. Every school project and EPTA Forum lecture will refer to every aspect of Chamber Music.


President: Ana Guijarro

Email: ana@anaguijarro.es

Vice-President: Luis Ponce de León

Email: luisinternational@yahoo.es

Tel: +34 666367865

Secretary: Alberto Urroz

Email: mail@albertourroz.com

Address: C/Luis Vives, 8. 4º A. E-28002 Madrid

Tel+34 915 630 807

Mobile: +34 639 894 349

Treasurer: Paloma Molina

Young EPTA Spain: Francisco Fierro

Committee member: Javier Herguera

E-mail: epta.es@gmail.com

Website: www.epta-spain.com

29th March 2014 EPTA Spain organised its first event for members and included a lecture on “Different methods of Pedagogy for Primary Level” given by Aida Gavrilova. Ana Guijarro gave Masterclasses, Alberto Urroz gave a Recital of music by the Romantic Spanish composer, Martin Sánchez Allú and Ignacio Zaragoza talked on cardiovascular experiments during performance.

Summer 2014 EPTA Spain organised a concert for young pianists under 14.

September 2014 Aida Gavrilova gave a workshop about Piano Methodology.

1st October 2014 Javier Herguera will give a lecture recital on the 24 Chopin etudes.

14th – 15th November 2014 EPTA Spain will hold a two day Conference. Luis Ponce will talk about “Career Opportunities for Musicians in the XXIst Century”, Francisco Fierro will give a lecture on improvisation, Fernando Sanz will talk about recently published books on stage fright, Javier Perianes will talk about life as a busy pianist, Dr. Escudero will talk about physical exercises for pianists, Ana Benedicto will lecture about marketing for pianists and Yamaha Spain will present a workshop.

EPTA Spain plan to award a prize for the best piano research by a piano graduate student.

EPTA Spain is looking to attract new members from other regions of Spain such as the Vasque Country, Catalonia, Andalucia, Galicia & Castilla.


President: Stefan Bojsten

Email: stefan.bojsten@kmh.se

Secretary: Johan Fröst

Email: frost.johan@hotmail.com

Website: www.sppf.net

18th May 2014 EPTA Sweden held an EPTA Day which was an expansion of previous annual meetings. Mikael Kanarva talked on “Piano technique”, Prof Patrizio Cerrone gave a Masterclass to young pianists, and the day ended with a successful student Spring Concert. EPTA Sweden intend to follow this educational format for future meetings .

9th June 2014 saw the publication of the second issue of Pianobulletinen.

26th – 28th September 2014 EPTA Sweden will hold its next Annual Conference in Gothenburg.


President: Prof. Jean-Jaques Dünki

Address: Bruderholzallee 12, 4058 Basel

Email: dunki@vtxmail.ch

Secretary: Niklaus Meyer

Address: Malvenweg 11, CH-9000 St. Gallen

Tel: 071 866 29 32

Fax: 071 866 30 83

Email: epta.ch@bluewin.ch

EPTA Switzerland continues to organise two events each year:

17th May 2014, "Intermediate Level"
22nd – 23rd November 2014, "Chamber Music"


EPTA Turkey is in the process of finally being born and we await further information with great anticipation.

Hande Dalkilic performed in Oslo and is planning to set Turkey on the EPTA map.


President: Olga Kuznetsova

Address: App. 8, 4 per. Faninsky, 61166, KharkÏv, Ukraine

Tel: +38-057-714543, +38-057-7025550

Mobile: +38-050-3230138

Fax: +38-057-7010916

Email: muza.ok@mail.ru


Founder: Carola Grindea

Patron: Ronald Stevenson

Chairman: Murray McLachlan

Administrator: Kathryn Page

Address: 6 Ripley Close, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire SK7 6EX

Tel: +44 8456 581054

Email: admin@epta-uk.org

Website: http:// www.epta-uk.org

EPTA UK is running a series of teacher and pupil events in Chappell of Bond Street Piano Showrooms in Wardour St, London. These are being led by the management and offer performance and CPD sessions for all members free of charge.

June 21st 2014

October 11th 2014 programmes tba

EPTA UK will not have a residential Conference next year but will run three one – day Conferences in the hope that this new format will prove to be more popular. Programmes are still in the planning stages.

April 5th 2014 EPTA UK one –day Conference in Oxford

August 20th – 30th 2014 EPTA UK one-day Conference in Belfast with Gala Concert by Joanna McGregor on 29th

October 4th 2014 EPTA UK one-day Conference in Bolton

Steinway Days October 18th 2014 another session for adult pupil and teachers

The Practical Piano Teaching course, run by Lucinda Mackworth –Young is in its fifth successful year.

March 22nd 2014 EPTA UK Finals of its 18th competition took place at Chethams School of Music in Manchester.

15th April 2014 EPTA UK organised a Winners Concert in the Fairfield Hall, Croydon

3rd October 2014 another Winners concert will take place in St Martins in the Fields, London

The Joint Winners of the 2014 trophy were Tom Hicks, a student of Murray McLachlan, and Dominic Doutney, a student of Iain Jones.

EPTA's Archives are now rehoused in the Library of the Royal College of Music, London.

These contain a valuable reference collection of books, music, teaching methods, audio and video tapes which members of all EPTA Associations are welcome to consult.

Members are invited to peruse the valuable archives of the EPTA NETHERLAND ‘Documentation and Study Centre’ (EDSC, Curators Frans Schreuder and Albert Brussee)


Founder /Director: Prabhudas Ivanson

Email: prabhivan@hotmail.com

Prabhudhas Ivanson has formed a new western music association called Chennai Western Music Association, and includes local schools, institutions and cultural centres. It is a subsidiary of EPTA India Associates and it is intended to promote high-quality western classical music monthly concerts in Chennai.

15th – 25th February 2014 “Viennese Waltz Export” tour was organised by Prabhudas Ivanson.

The pianists were Marialena Fernandes and Ranko Markovic from Austria.The aim of the tour was to support a new endeavour conceived by Mr. Prabhudhas Ivanson, Founder Director of EPTA India Associates, to encourage an appreciation of Central European Music especially pertaining to the piano, all over India. This was most certainly achieved and the Duo experienced many wonderful moments throughout their concert tour in the Art Chamber, Goa, the Delhi Music Society and School of Music, Delhi,The Lorriane Music Academy, Gorraine, and the Bangalore School of Music, Bangalore. Prabhudas Ivanson also joined in with one or two duets. The Fernandez/ Markovic Duo are enormously grateful to the Austrian Cultural Forum and Embassy for their generous support and co-operation for this successful tour which Mr Ivanson organised so diligently. It is hoped that these successful concerts and tours will develop Music in India among pianists, teachers, music lovers, leaders of musical Institutions and enthusiasts. Most of all, it is hoped that many more International musicians will share their professionalism and taste the richness of art in every form in INDIA.

28th April 2014 Chennai Western Music Association held its fifth concert which was given by the Kodaly String Quartet